Currently, Stevens PUD owns and operates 18 water systems.

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- - If your meter is spinning like this, - -
- - - - Water is running through it! - - - -

If you have turned off all your water and the small indicator in the middle of your meter is spinning,
you probably have a leak.

Water Locations:

  • Addy
  • Clayton
  • Deer Lake
  • Denison
  • Dolomite
  • Echo Estates
  • Halfmoon Ranchos
  • Jump Off Joe Lake
  • Lake Spokane (Suncrest & Long Lake)
  • Loon Lake
  • Mission Lake / Mission Ridge
  • Riverside/Chattaroy Springs West
  • River Park Estates
  • Spokane Lake Park
  • Tiger Tracts
  • Valley
  • Waitts Lake
  • Westshore


    In our four lake community systems, we can turn off your water each fall and back on each spring if you will not be using water during the winter. We turn off the water around the last week of October, and back on around the first week of April.

    These locations are:

  • Deer Lake
  • Jump Off Joe
  • Loon Lake
  • Waitts Lake
  • If you live in one of these areas and would like to be on our automatic turn off / turn on service, please download this form, fill it out and return it to our office. You will remain on the list year after year until you tell us to take you off or request the water on or off outside of the auto on/off service dates.

    Every year, we produce our Water Quality Reports.

    Click here to select and view the Water Quality Report for your area.